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Hello, I'm Jacopo Olivieri!

Marketing automation consultant

I’m a Marketing Automation consultant for Like Reply.

I have already finished my experience in a digital Agency such as Across, based in Turin, for whom I worked as Affiliate Account Manager, and with whom I wrote my graduate thesis on Lead Generations.

I have an academic background, with a master’s degree with honors in Business Management, Marketing and Strategy, combined with an entrepreneurial and enterprising mindset.

I love digital marketing in all its forms: from design to copy, from organic to advertising, from customer care to chatbots.

I am a T-Shaped Digital Maketers, specializing in automation & strategy, but with an overall vision that allows me to tailor a strategy for every need.

Plus, being a basketball player since I was 10 years old has taught me what it means to work as a team for the same goal.



Email, Sms, Chatbot. Let me built the best solution for your purpose.

Marketing Strategy

I can help you launch your idea to market or improve your current strategy and maximize the efforts of your marketing department.


If you need to create campaigns to sponsor your business, or your e-commerce, the Meta suite is a very powerful tool at our disposal to help us achieve our goals.

Lead Generation

Do you need to generate new leads for your business? Do you need to increase the quality of contacts? Let's talk about it.

My Brand:

My entrepreneurial drive and passion for Basketball and Digital Marketing gave birth to:

6th Man is a clothing brand dedicated to basketball lovers. 

Founded by me at the age of 20, it allows me on a daily basis to approach the fashion market supported by self-study and my skills. 

Among the many things I do, thanks to early automation I have built a database of about 1,000 contacts at a practically negligible cost. 

But 6th Man is not just that. 

6th Man is a representation of my credo, combining my three greatest passions: basketball, technology and digital marketing.

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